Courses from the Catholic Education Center, LLC (indicated in italics), and the Academy of
Classical Languages, LLC, may be "upgraded" for credit through course registration (discounted
rate) and the completion of academic requirements.


Each course is three credits unless otherwise noted.

CAT 600: The Catechism of the Catholic Church (Lienhard)
Teaching the Creed, Teaching the Sacraments, Teaching the Moral Life, and Teaching Prayer
This course systematically teaches the content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This
course prepares M.R.E. students to make engaging lesson plans on the Creed, Sacraments, Moral
Life and Prayer.

CAT 601: The Ministry of the Word (Caron)
Divine Pedagogy, Christ the Teacher, Evangelization and Catechesis
This course is aimed at deeply rooting those under formation as catechists and/or those responsible for
catechesis in the Church’s vision for this form of the ministry of the Word, in the context of evangelization and
the Catechism of the Catholic Church in the present historical moment.  Emphasis will be given to helping the
catechist develop his own “catechetical style” by adapting the general principles of catechetical pedagogy.

CAT 602: Catechetical Norms and Ministries (Lienhard)
The General Directory for Catechesis
A study of modern catechetical needs, the General Directory for Catechesis and the application of
these pastoral norms to various ministries.

CAT 603: Teaching Methods and Learning Styles (Doyle, Whitehead, Hiester)
Teaching Methods and Learning Styles, Teaching the Faith to Students with Special Learning Needs,
Montessori Methodology for Faith Formation
A look at Catholic Education and its approach to teaching students with various learning needs.

CAT 604: Lesson Planning (Lienhard)
Catholic Education: What Every Teacher Needs to Know, The Life of Prayer, Tools for Teaching
Lesson Planning first presents an overview of the catechetical ministry and the “big picture” of the
Faith, followed by traditions commonly taught and celebrated in religious education, as well as
engaging classroom ideas to assist with lesson-planning.

CAT 605: Effective Catechetical Instruction (Aull)
Self Management, Classroom Management, Time Management
This course presents resources for classroom management techniques and skills for teachers to
enhance their teaching experience based on the ministry of Christ. Students will learn how to
integrate practical recommendations in the classroom for planning and discipline as well as
studying the Scriptures and Lives of the Saints to imitate a joyful and balanced service to the

CAT 606: Raising Catholics (Wallace)
Catholic Parenting, Building the Domestic Church, Leading Children to a Mature Faith
A systematic overview of the natural and supernatural rights, responsibilities, and obligations of
the Catholic family in educating children in the Faith, including practical guidelines for
implementing religious instruction in the home, and for planting the seeds of Faith that then might
be watered and nourished by parish catechesis.

CAT 608: Forming Leaders for the Church (Kidd)
Adult Faith Formation, Training Leaders, Living Out Your Faith.
This course presents the Faith developmental needs of young adults/adults and how to meet them,
techniques for training leaders in a parish, and how to live out the Catholic Faith in the light of the
New Evangelization.

CAT 609: Youth and Youth Adults: The Future of the Church Today (Kidd)
A study of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in relation to service to the Church, call to worship, vocational
discernment and a critique of the programs available to  meet  the needs for future of the Church.

CAT 610: Modeling Christ the Teacher (Aull)
Formation, Re-Formation, Perspective
This class begins with a focus on Christ the Teacher as our mentor through a study of the Parables of Christ.
Students will then learn Techniques and Best Practices for Personalized Learning, and the use of Teams in
Self-directed Learning through Dyads, Triads and Groups.

CAT 611: Psychological Perspectives in Religious Education (Acosta)
A study of mental and spiritual health to serve those in Religious Education.  This course addresses
temperaments and skills to assist educators in the classroom, provides an understanding of the human
condition of students upon which grace builds, and tools for working with parents and special family situations
that impact your classroom.

CAT 613: The Teaching Tradition of the Church (Lienhard)
Apostles to Apologists, The Great Catechists, Reformation to Modern Times
A study of the teaching Church and the historical process of its development, including St.
Augustine and Classical Catechesis, Christendom and St. Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic
Reformation and the Roman Catechism, the renewed Catechumenate and the Catechism of the
Catholic Church.

CAT 614: Catholic Schools: Mission, Education, Challenges for Today (Wallace)
History of Catholic School, Catholic Education in Schools, Challenges for Catholic Schools Today
An historical investigation of the origins, rise, and decline of Catholic parochial education in the United States
which seeks to discern what Catholic education should be, what the current problems facing Catholic schools
are, and what steps need to be taken to restore the true identity of authentic Catholic education.

CAT615: Church History for Catechists (Mooney)
The First 1000 Years, The Second 1000 Years, American Church History
Key figures and events that catechists address when teaching the Faith.

CAT 616: Ministry Collaboration (Pinon)
A presentation of the role of the interrelationship of the parish and school, as well as practical assessments of
how to improve relationships between leaders of parish and school programs to improve service to the
church community.

CAT 617: Catechesis and the Arts: Art, Architecture and Music (Mahoney)
For centuries, Catholics have used the arts to reflect their faith and as catechetical tools.  This course will
present over-arching principles and demonstrations for how to now use the arts to teach the faith.  

CAT 618: Liturgical Catechesis (Gale)
The Sacraments, The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, The Liturgical Year
A presentation of the Sacraments and liturgy of the Church with an emphasis on the General Instruction of the
Roman Missal, and how to effectively prepare people to actively participate in the liturgy.

CAT 620: Parish Catechetical Ministry (Nelson)
Roles in Religious Education, Religious Education Administration, Catechist Formation
This course is a virtual handbook for parish religious education.  It is filled with education about parish
ministry that provides tools for Directors of Religious Education, Administrators and Catechists.

CAT 621: Catechetical Ministry in Catholic Schools (Aull)
Teaching, Administration, Catholic Identity
This course presents an overview of industry standards, tools and skills for ministry as a Catholic school
teacher and administrator. It also looks at what makes a Catholic School, with an emphasis on identity,
curriculum development, and inculturation.

CAT 622: Youth Ministry (Hitzelberger)
A study of Program Administration, Youth Formation Needs, and Campus Ministry

CAT 623: Topics in Moral Theology (Maskell)
The Virtues, Social Justice, Medical Moral Theology
This course is a survey of Moral Theology issues, presented in layman’s terms for catechists to engage adult
students, and provides answers for and guidance in pastoral situations regarding the Virtues, Social Justice
and Medical Moral Questions.

CAT 624: Adult Catechetical Ministry (Gale)
The Church’s View of Adult Catechesis, Adult Catechetical Programs, Adult Catechetical Ministry
This course presents current trends in Adult Faith Formation and topics addressed in various
Adult Faith Formation ministries.  Laying a foundation through Church Documents, this course
provides practical applications for leading Adult Faith Formation and best serving various
populations within this ministry.

CAT 625: The Dignity of Marriage (Workman)
Theology of Marriage, Marriage Preparation, Annulments
Marriage ministry requires a genuine understanding of the human person, a theological understanding of
Matrimony as well as requirements for marriage preparation, and a thorough understanding of Annulments.

CAT 626: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) (Lienhard)
RCIA Program, RCIA Rites
A study of the RCIA program, from Inquiry through Mystagogy and a practical review of the rites necessary for
parish implementation.

CAT 627: Ministry Outreach: Reconciling Catholics (Anthony)
A study of the questions of modern-culture, with ministry applications to bring the culture of life to those to
whom we minister. This class will address questions of many fallen-away Catholics.

CAT 628: Catechetical Ministry and the Written Word (Berube)
The art and skill of writing  and the development of  articles, publications and social media for the purpose of
catechetical ministry.

CAT 629: Apologetics for Today: Faith, Hope and Love (Anthony)
Theology of the Body, Apologetics, The Ministry of Apologetics
This course will study the challenges for Catholics today to live and defend the Faith through
Apologetics addressing topics regarding the Church, eternity and love.

CAT 630/SCR 630: Biblical Catechesis (Carnazzo)
Students will study the Scriptures that support the teaching of the Church as found in the four pillars of the
Catechism of the Catholic Church.

CAT 631/SCR 631: Biblical Typology: The Pentateuch (Schmiedicke)
This course studies the Pentateuch with the principles and attitudes of Fathers of the Church, in particular
their attention to the spiritual significance of all aspects of the Scriptures and their conviction that all of these
find their fulfillment in the mysteries of Christ and His Church.

CAT 632/SCR 632: Biblical Apologetics (Carnazzo)
A study of Apologetics presented through the lens of Scripture.

CAT 633/SCR 633: Biblical Geography: The Holy Land (Carnazzo)
A Geographic and visual presentation of the Holy Land as it relates to the Gospels.
On occasion this course will be taught as an on-site tour of the Holy Land (in which case the cost will be
based upon travel expenses).

CAT 634: Teaching with the Scriptures (Mahoney)
An introduction to the Bible, and tools that are most useful when teaching the Faith.

CAT 640: Technology for Ministry (Ellis)
Technology for Ministry will equip students to confidently use familiar computer applications (we
use Microsoft Office Pro, available for purchase through our book store) for ministry. This course
provides an overview of each program, as well as practical hands-on projects to be completed that
will provide samples and templates for real-life ministry.

CAT 641: The Business of an Apostolate

CAT 642: Psychological Perspectives in Pastoral Ministry (Acosta)
Emphasis is given to the pastoral nature of ministry in the church, addressing specifically interactions with
clergy, colleagues and the parish community.  This course addresses conflict resolution, boundaries,
communication, compassion towards the wounded, and the need to serve Christ in those we encounter.

CAT 645: Evangelization in the Technological Era (MacKinnon)
A study of technology, its uses and moral implications in the scope of evangelization.

CAT 700: Master of Religious Education Portfolio Advisement and Evaluation (Professor Assigned
by the College)
Students will compile their portfolio for graduation to demonstrate readiness for ministry.

CAT 701: Master of Religious Education Thesis Advisement (Student chooses Professor)

CAT 702: Master of Religious Education Theses Defense (Assigned by the College)

CAT 703: Master of Religious Education Comprehensive Examination
Student will register for comprehensive examinations, to be completed online. Exams are closed-
book and timed. Students will receive recommended study questions to prepare for exam.

CAT 800: Doctor of Ministry Dissertation Advisement (Professor selected by student)

CAT 801: Doctor of Ministry Dissertation Defense (Professors selected by College)

THE 600: The Trinity (MacKinnon)
An overview of the Trinity as the foundational teaching of the Catholic Faith.

THE 601: The Creed (MacKinnon
A study of the development of and teachings contained in the Creeds of the Catholic Church.

THE 620: God the Father and Revelation (Schmiedicke)
A study of God in Himself and of the First Person of the Blessed Trinity, and how He communicates with His

THE 621: God the Son (Schmiedicke)
A study of the Second Person of the Trinity made Man: His Identity, Mission and Soteriology.

THE 622: The Holy Spirit and The Church (Schmiedicke)
A study of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, His mission and role in the Church.

THE 623: Mariology (Mahoney)
This course reflects upon the role of the Mother of God in the divine plan and as an exemplar of the Christian
life. The historical and magisterial basis for the four Marian dogmas, the place of Marian devotion, and
purported Marian private revelations are examined.

THE 630: Liturgy and Sacraments (Van Slyke)
An in-depth study of Church Liturgy from the East and West, including the Mass, the Sacraments
and Liturgy of the Hours.

THE 631: Ecclesiology (Nathe)
The study of the Christian Church as the Mystical Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, and as the People of
God. Time is devoted to reflect on the mission of the Church, the role of the hierarchy vis-à-vis the laity, and
the various charisms, orders, congregations, institutes, etc. that help constitute the Church's Catholic identity.

THE 632: Domestic Church (Le)
This course offers a magisterial perspective on the domestic church. Its primary purpose is to
explore the historical and theological development of the concept of domestic church as well as its
ecclesiology and sacramentality. This course also helps participants explore and deeply
understand the family systems and the nature of the family today in the United States.

THE 633: The Second Vatican Council and the Church (Whitehead, MacKinnon)
The Second Vatican Council, The Church
A study of the Second Vatican Council documents and how they relate to our understanding of the
Church, her members and mission.

THE 634: Introduction to Canon Law (Workman)
An introduction to Canon Law and its vital role to the life of the Church.

THE 640: Fundamental Moral Theology (Arias)
Moral theology is that branch of theology that addresses God as our ultimate supernatural end, and of the
means by which we may attain unity with God. This course studies the dignity of man, his rational and free
nature, and his call to direct his own actions (and how they are morally measured), by the grace of God, to his
heavenly goal.

THE 641: Grace and Virtue (Meloche)
Drawing principles from the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Church’s magisterial teaching, this
course is an integrated examination of the nature and role of virtue and grace in the pursuit of human
beatitude. A major goal of this course is to understand the relationship between virtue and grace.

THE 650: Faith Development (Meloche)
This course will explore the principles, means, and end of the Christian life of perfection. A special
emphasis will be placed on human nature as a fit recipient for man’s further ordering to grace and
glory. Concomitantly, this course will also investigate the implications of this ordering for the
process of religious education and the Church’s catechetical efforts.

THE 651: Spiritual Theology (Boettcher)
A survey of the many dimensions of spiritual life, and the principles for growth and fulfillment. Attention will be
given to having a coherent and systematic theological understanding, to Scriptural roots, and pragmatic

THE 652: Spiritual Classics (Boettcher)
The way to read, understand and put into practice the inspirational texts of Spiritual Classics, seeing them as
having universal truths to communicate and therefore relevant to everyone. We will be reading selections from
The Shepherd of Hermas, St. Augustine, St. Bonaventure, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St.
John of the Cross, St. Therese, and others.

THE 653: Angels and Demons (Van Slyke)
An overview of the Church’s teaching on Angels, Demons, deliverance and exorcisms.

THE 654: Eschatology (Le)
This course explores the Church teachings on eschatological theology.  It will survey the biblical and historical
development of eschatology (including death, parousia, resurrection, salvation, judgment, hell, purgatory,
heaven, etc.).  It will also investigate controversial issues of the modern day, namely religion and science,
catastrophic events, end times, etc.

THE 660: Church History, Part 1 (0-800) (Pepino)
A study of Church History and the Fathers of the Church from the time Christ established His Church through
the first seven Ecumenical Councils.

THE 661: Church History, Part 2 (800-1500) (Nollen)        
A study of Church History from the end of the Patristic Era, through the Great Schism to the Protestant

THE 662: Church History, Part 3 (1500-Present) (Nollen)
A study of Church History from the Protestant Reformation, through the Modern Era.

THE 663: American Church History (Nollen)
A study of Church History from the discovery of the Americas, the founding of Missions to the Church today in
the post-Vatican 2 era.

THE 664: Patristics (Pepino)
A survey of the Church’s Eastern and Western Fathers with an emphasis on key themes for theological

THE 665: Doctors of the Church (Sensat)
A study of the Doctors of the Church, their role in Church History and the significance of their teachings.

THE 670: Laity and Society (Luckey)
A study of the role of the laity and the church in the social spheres of politics, economics and justice.

THE 671: Aquinas: Law and Legal Theory (Nemeth)
An intensive examination of the jurisprudence and legal theory of St. Thomas Aquinas is the chief
aim of this course. Course includes, but is not limited to, the Thomistic definition, characterizations
and qualities of law, its aims and purposes, its various types and kinds and its correlation to virtue.
Specific coverage also includes a review of his natural law theory and more particularly how
natural law provides a system to resolve moral and ethical dilemmas. This course covers how laws
may or may not be just or unjust, and how an unjust law fails to bind in conscience, and justifies
and even compels disobedience.  Finally, the course weighs and assesses the role of human law
and its essential importance for a civil society.

SCR 600: Teaching with Sacred Scripture (Mahoney)
An Introduction to Sacred Scripture, providing tools for interpreting, studying and teaching Scripture.

SCR 601: An Introduction to the Old Testament (Carnazzo)
Adam to Israel, Moses to the Promised Land, Joshua to Jesus
A survey of the historical, wisdom, and prophetical books of the Old Testament as a preparation for
the New Testament era. Includes the revelatory stages of salvation history, the importance of
Biblical typology, and the function of fulfilled prophecy.

SCR 602: An Introduction to the New Testament (Carnazzo)
Synoptic Gospels, Acts and Epistles, John and Revelation
A survey of the books of the New Testament as the fulfillment of the old covenant epoch, including
the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline Corpus, the Catholic Epistles, and the
Apocalypse of St. John.

SCR 610: The Pentateuch (Carnazzo)
A study of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

SCR 611: The Wisdom Literature (Carnazzo)
A study of the Wisdom books, Psalms and Historical Books of Joshua through III Kings.

SCR 612: The Prophets (Carnazzo)
A study of the historical setting, theological vision, and mission of the prophets of the Old Testament.

SCR 620: The Synoptic Gospels (Carnazzo)
A study of the Gospels accounts of Ss. Matthew, Mark and Luke through the lens of St. Matthew’s Gospel.

SCR 621: Acts and Paul (Carnazzo)
A study of the 14 Epistles of St. Paul, their character, unifying theological themes, and historical and
theological background, along with Acts of the Apostles.

SCR 622: Johannine Literature and the Catholic Epistles (Carnazzo)
A study of the Gospel according to St. John, the 3 epistles of St. John, Revelation of St. John, and the
Catholic Epistles.        

CAT 630/SCR 630: Biblical Catechesis (Carnazzo)
Students will study the Scriptures that support Church teaching as found in the four pillars of the Catechism of
the Catholic Church.

CAT 631/SCR 631: Biblical Typology: The Pentateuch (Schmidicke)
This course studies the Pentateuch with the principles and attitudes of Fathers of the Church, in particular
their attention to the spiritual significance of all aspects of the Scriptures and their conviction that all of these
find their fulfillment in the mysteries of Christ and His Church.

CAT 632/SCR 632: Biblical Apologetics (Carnazzo)
A study of Apologetics presented through the lens of Scripture.

CAT 633/SCR 633: Biblical Geography: The Holy Land (Carnazzo)
A Geographic and visual presentation of the Holy Land as it relates to the Gospels.

PHL 600: Philosophy for Teaching the Faith (MacKinnon)
An overview of philosophical concepts such as evaluating and constructing logical arguments, the importance
of causes and their effects, the role of teleology, the relation of Faith and Reason, and understanding the role
of philosophical language as used in Church publications such as Papal Encyclicals, Council documents, and
the Catechism of the Catholic Church, all of which are important for understanding the foundation upon which
we must teach the Faith.

PHL 601: History of Christian Philosophy (Wunsch)
A survey of the history of Christian Philosophy, key philosophers and their contributions to Christian thought.

PHL 602: Philosophical Errors (Wunsch)
A study of Philosophical errors that impede man’s understanding of the truths of our Faith.

LTN 600: Latin (Pepino)
This course engages individuals in Latin, from first introduction to actual conversation. This
course is offered through the Classical Language Academy and begins the first of every month.

GRK 600: Biblical Greek (Carnazzo)
This course engages individuals in Biblical Greek, from first introduction to actual conversation.
This course is offered through the Classical Language Academy and begins the first of every

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