Christ the Teacher College offers:


Christ the Teacher College conducts its program entirely online.  Upon receipt of registration, courses are
made available to students. Once new courses are available to students, they will remain available on a
continuous-enrollment basis; we do not to operation on a semester system.  

Students may register in three (3) courses are one time and will have four (4) full months to complete the
course work in which they are registered; the courses are self-paced.  Each course credit is comprised of 10
hours .  Course materials are presented in printable (text) format, and students will be required to complete
course projects, papers and exams.  Inasmuch as possible professors provide online links and resources for
required readings; when online (free) resources are not possible, texts are available in our online book store
(to be shipped to your door).


To take online courses at Christ the Teacher College, you will need access to a computer (PC or MAC) with
an internet connection.  All documents are presented in PDF format; free links are provided for any necessary
software readers.  Quizzes and Exams are taken in the online classrooms.  Our online course site is secure
and password protected.  Backups are made daily and stored off site.

Our online courses are easy to navigate (usually, click on a link and the document will open in your screen).  A
user-manual is available to assist with navigating the electronic classroom. Technical assistance is available
Monday-Friday from 9:30-5:30 ET.


All students must demonstrate an ability to proficiently read and write in English.  All course work is
completed in English and successful completion requires a working knowledge of this language.

Master of Theological Studies students must successfully complete the following language requirements:

Systematic Theology: LTN 600: Classical Latin

Sacred Scripture: GRK 600: Biblical Greek and HBW 600: Biblical Hebrew


Christ the Teacher College does not have a traditional academic cycle.  Once courses are offered the first
time, they are readily available and self-paced.  Students have four full months from the time of registration to
complete the course(s) in which they are registered.  Student may be active in up to 9 credits (3 courses) of
course work at one time.  Upon completion, the student will no longer have access to the online course.  


Christ the Teacher College does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, handicap, color, national
and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, and other school-
administered programs.

Casual students, who wish to register for courses (not degree seeking) must submit an application form.  
Should they wish to pursue a certificate or degree, they will need to meet the application requirements below.

Applicants for the
Audit Program for Wives of Deacons must submit an application form and a letter of
intent. No undergraduate degree is required

Applicants for admission to the
Certification Program at Christ the Teacher College must present evidence
of ability to complete Certification Course work, submit an application form and a letter of intent.  No
undergraduate degree is required.

Applicants for admission to the
Degree Programs at Christ the Teacher College must present evidence of
ability to do graduate work in theology. A baccalaureate or undergraduate degree in any field is a
prerequisite for the Master of Religious Education program. A Masters Degree in Religious Education or
Theology is a prerequisite for the Doctor of Religious Education program.

To apply for admission, students must complete and submit the:
  • registration form,
  • a one-page statement of purpose (intent for ministry),
  • and three letters of recommendation (one from their Pastor indicating they are a Catholic in good
  • a transcript of their undergraduate degree for the Masters of Religious Education degree (this need not
    be in Religious Studies or Theology), and a transcript of their Masters degree in Religious Education or
    Theology for the Doctor of Religious Education degree,
  • a dissertation proposal is to be submitted by Doctor of Ministry

Students who wish to have their previous graduate work considered for transfer to Christ the Teacher College
must make this request of the Academic Dean of the College and provide official transcripts of such graduate
work. They may also be required to supply course syllabi or catalog course descriptions establishing that the
course(s) correspond to Christ the Teacher College courses and are of an academic equivalence. No more
than twenty graduate credits may be transferred. Credits earned prior to 2003 not be accepted. Academic
credit is not granted for life experience, for course work done on a non-credit basis, nor for independent study
outside of a university or seminary.

A student may be admitted on probation if the Admissions Committee is not satisfied of his ability to do
graduate work in Religious Education. The probationary period is six courses, and the student must earn a
GPA of 3.0 to be fully admitted to the MRE (or Diploma Program). Admission to study does not imply
admission to candidacy for a degree, which is granted only after completion of required courses in a
satisfactory academic standard.

            All submissions are to be sent to:
Christ the Teacher College
            Office of the Registrar
            12 Davis Court
             McLean, VA 22101
Christ the Teacher College
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