Christ the Teacher College offers the Master in Theological Studies Degree, which provides a well-
rounded theological discipline and prepares graduates for Doctoral studies in Theology, Religion
or related subjects.
 Christ the Teacher College offers two concentrations for the Master of Theological
Studies degree:
Sacred Scripture; and Systematic Theology.

For the Master of Theological Studies Students are required to complete:

  • The prerequisite courses, CAT 600: The Catechism of the Catholic Church and language requirements
    (LTN 600: Classical Latin for Systematic Theological students, and GRK 600: Biblical Greek or HBW
    600: Biblical Hebrew for Sacred Scripture students).
  • 54 graduate credits (18 courses), including required course and elective courses,
  • complete written comprehensive exams successfully,
  • sign an oath of fidelity, and
  • Produce and defend a thesis of an appropriate length (90-120 pages),
  • The student must maintain a “B” (3.0) average throughout the program, which must be completed within
    a period of ten years.  

Required Courses:
THE 620: God the Father and Revelation
THE 621: God the Son
THE 622: The Holy Spirit and the Church
THE 623: Mariology
THE 630: Liturgy and Sacraments
THE 631: Ecclesiology
THE 640: Fundamental Moral Theology
PHL 601: Christian Philosophy
PHL 602: Philosophical Errors
*SCR 601: Introduction to the Old Testament (*waived for Scripture Concentration)
*SCR 602: Introduction to the New Testament (*waived for Scripture Concentration)
*LTN 600: Latin (*waived for Scripture Concentration)

Sacred Scripture (+ 3 electives):
GRK 600: Biblical Greek or HBW 600: Biblical Hebrew
SCR 610: Pentateuch
SCR 611: Wisdom Literature
SCR 612: The Prophets
SCR 620: The Synoptic Gospels
SCR 621: Acts and Paul
SCR 622: Johannine Literature and Catholic Epistles

Systematic Theology Requirements (+ 6 Electives*)
Concentrations available with the following courses in the same specialty including:

Church and Culture:
THE 632: Domestic Church
THE 633: The Second Vatican Council and the Church
THE 642: Marriage and Family
THE 670: Laity and Society
THE 671: Aquinas: Law and Legal Theory
THE 663: American Church History

Church History:
THE 660: Church History 0-800 AD
THE 661: Church History 801-1500 AD
THE 662: Church History 1501-2000+ AD
THE 663: American Church History
THE 664: Patristics
THE 665: Doctors of the Church

Spiritual Theology:
THE 641: Grace and Virtue
THE 650: Faith Development
THE 651: Spiritual Theology
THE 652: Spiritual Classics
THE 653: Angels and Demons
THE 665: Doctors of the Church

To see all our courses (including electives), please click here.


Oath of Fidelity
Comprehensive Exam
Thesis of appropriate length (70-100 pages)


All students must demonstrate an ability to read and write in English.  All course work is completed
in English and successful completion requires a working knowledge of this language.

Master of Theological Studies students must successfully complete the following language

Systematic Theology: LTN 600: Classical Latin

Sacred Scripture: GRK 600: Biblical Greek or HBW 600: Biblical Hebrew


Students are bound by the degree requirements of Christ the Teacher College.  Candidates for the
MTS degree must maintain a “B” (3.0) average, and must pass the written comprehensive
examination.  In addition, students must complete a thesis of appropriate length (70-100 pages),
and sign an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium.

All submissions are to be sent to:

Office of the Registrar
Christ the Teacher College
12 Davis Court
McLean, VA 22101
Christ the Teacher College
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