Christ the Teacher College offers the Master of Religious Education Degree. The Master of Religious
Education Degree provides a multi-disciplinary preparation for religious education ministry or a
private apostolate at the service of the Catholic Church.
This program is grounded in the teaching of the
Catholic Church, and offers practical applications for ministry, so participants can apply what they learn in
their courses immediately in their classrooms and ministries.

The M.R.E. degree prepares future leaders of the Church for Religious Education Ministry, not
simply by imparting knowledge, but also sharing classroom applications, experience and excellent
Christ the Teacher College graduates will not only be confident in their knowledge of the Catholic
Faith, but also the various ministries and the responsibilities contained therein. Students will learn from
knowledgeable and experienced professors. Students will gain practical skills, tools and the understanding
necessary for successful ministry.
Students earning the M.R.E. degree may also earn Certificates

Many of the courses in our Masters of Religious Education program are the same courses offered through
the Catholic Education Center, LLC with the addition of academic requirements. Anyone interested in
auditing our courses may take the same course work through the Catholic Education Center, LLC.

For the Master of Religious Education Degree students are required to complete:

•        14 courses (42 graduate credits), including required courses and elective courses
•        Written Comprehensive Exams successfully
•        A portfolio demonstrating readiness for ministry, or a Thesis
•        An Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium, and
•        The student must maintain a “B+” grade (3.01 GPA) average throughout the program, which must be
completed within a period of ten years


Required Courses include (+ 3 electives):
CAT 600: The Catechism of the Catholic Church
CAT 601: The Ministry of the Word or CAT 613: The Teaching Tradition of the Church
CAT 602: Catechetical Norms and Ministries
SCR 601: Introduction to the Old Testament
SCR 602: Introduction to the New Testament
    THE 601: Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    THE 623: Mariology
    THE 651: Spiritual Theology or THE 650: Faith Development
    THE 620: God the Father and Revelation
    THE 621: God the Son
    THE 622: The Holy Spirit and the Church
THE 630: Liturgy and Sacraments or CAT 618: Liturgical Catechesis
THE 603: The Second Vatican Council and the Church or THE 631: Ecclesiology
THE 604: Fundamental Moral Theology or THE 623: Topics in Moral Theology

To see all our courses (including electives), please
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Each M.R.E. student must either compile a portfolio, which demonstrates readiness for ministry, or a thesis
(see below). The portfolio should contain detailed outlines of the various ministries as well as samples of
necessary tools to fulfill these ministries (e.g. ministry overview, catechist training necessary for ministry,
norms and canons relevant to ministry, databases, forms, correspondence, bulletin announcements and
marking materials, resources for rites and celebrations, etc.). The portfolio must correspond with the religious
education ministry that the student wishes to fulfill (e.g. Director of Religious Education, Youth Minister, Adult
Catechist, Curriculum Writer, School Teacher, etc.). Students will register for Portfolio advisement and will
work with a Professor to build this portfolio, which will then be graded by the Advisor.


Each M.R.E. student must either compile a portfolio (see above), or a 50-60 page thesis.  Student
completing the thesis will register for a four-month Thesis Advisement. Students may choose their Advisor
from among our pre-approved faculty. Students may register for additional sessions, if continued Advisement
is needed. The student will apply for Advisement by submitting a Thesis proposal to the Dean of Master of
Religious Education Students, who will approve the Professor to work with the student between 2-4 hours per
month. Grading of the thesis will not be done by the Thesis Advisor. Students will register for Thesis defense
as a separate registration from Advisement.


All students must demonstrate an ability to read and write in English.  All course work is completed in English
and successful completion requires a working knowledge of this language.


Christ the Teacher College does not have a traditional academic cycle.  Once courses are offered the first
time, they are readily available and self-paced.  Students have four full months from the time of registration to
complete the course(s) in which they are registered. Upon completion, the student will no longer have access
to the online course. Students may register for no more than three courses at one time.  

All submissions are to be sent to:

Office of the Registrar
Christ the Teacher College
12 Davis Court
McLean, VA 22101
Christ the Teacher College
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