The Doctor of Ministry degree is a professional doctorate offering students advanced theological
and pastoral formation for excellent in leadership and ministry in the Church.
The program combines
academics and pastoral application with focuses on integration of Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral

At Christ the Teacher College, this is primarily a research degree. A Masters degree in Religious
Education or Theology (with a cumulative averaged of 3.0 or better) is required for registration for this
Applicants will submit a Dissertation proposal to the Academic Dean, who will determine if
course work is required before beginning dissertation advisement (based on previous study and
experience).  The Academic Dean will, at the time of registration, assign a Dissertation Advisor to
those accepted to the Doctor of Ministry program.

Those accepted for a research degree devote at least twelve hours each week to study.  The researcher will
have the guidance of a Dissertation Advisor who will serve as their research supervisor.  Students will have
regular contact with their advisor through email and internet communications, estimated at 2-4 hours per
month. Students normally complete their research within four to five years.  


The D.Min. Dissertation is intended to demonstrate the student's ability to identify a problem in
ministry, his/her study of said topic, and to discover interdisciplinary resources, theological and
pastoral methods for its resolution.
 Usually this dissertation has three components:

1) Research in a theological and/or philosophical background;
2) Pastoral concern and evaluation;
3) Proposed resolutions for the Church today in ministry, theory and/or theological development.

The degree of Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) will be awarded after the examining scholars have been assured
that students have an appropriate level of knowledge in the field and are thoroughly competent in the work of
independent research.  This is done by the examination of a dissertation of appropriate length (150-200
pages), including an oral defense of this dissertation.


A Masters Degree in Religious Education or Theology is a prerequisite for the Doctor of Ministry program.

To apply for admission, students must complete and submit the:
  • registration form,
  • a one-page statement of purpose,
  • a resume
  • a dissertation proposal,
  • and three letters of recommendation (including one from their Pastor indicating they are a Catholic in
    good standing),
  • a transcript of their Masters degree in Religious Education or Theology for the Doctor of Ministry

All submissions are to be sent to:

Office of the Registrar
Christ the Teacher College
7252 Chestnut Court
Warrenton, VA 20187

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