The Catholic Education Center, LLC, was founded in 2006 to offer flexible online Religious Education
formation opportunities for busy Catholic school religion teachers and parish catechetical volunteers.  Online
courses were developed with the approval of the Diocese of Arlington, so that catechists could attain training
to be used towards certification in various dioceses.  

Joined by many dedicated and specialized instructors, the Catholic Education Center, LLC, had created a
unique and comprehensive training opportunity for those in ministry.  Understanding that many people in
ministry require flexible scheduling and cost-efficient training, coursework through the Catholic Education
Center, LLC, is an excellent opportunity for teachers of the Faith to receive formation.

In the Year of Faith (2012-2013), dedicated by Pope Benedict XVI, Christ the Teacher College opened its
“doors” in response to the need to better equip people to serve in leadership roles in the Church.

In 2015 a not-for profit entity, Christ the Teacher College, assumed ownership of the college, and has
continued its mission and growth.


Christ the Teacher College  “Campus” is hosted in a secure online classroom.  Our website is: www. and our e-course site is:  

Christ the Teacher College functions in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Christ the
Teacher College is exempt from the requirements of state certification according to 8 VAV 40-31-50 sections
A and B by the State Council of Higher Education.  At this time, Christ the Teacher College is not accredited.

The College is located within the Diocese of Arlington and is submissive to the authority of the Bishop of
Arlington regarding the orthodoxy of Catholic doctrine taught at the College.  
Christ the Teacher College
Leading Students to Christ